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  • Quebec's Rights Charter Brings Down Ukrainian Government
    Photo: Resistance Member 'Olga' Shows Off New Babushka

    By: Ian Hunt
    (SNN) - The Ukrainian interim government announced today that inflammatory foreign documents were found in ex-President Viktor Yanukovych's office in Kiev. The documents were apparently left behind by a delegation from the Parti Quebecois, a provincial government that sometimes admits to being part of Canada. Attached to the documents were briefing notes from officials in Mr. Yanukovych's office. It appears that Ukrainian officials...

  • Prairie Chickens Cause Surveillance Concerns in Ft. Mac
    Photo: Innocent Bird or Undercover Operative?

    By: Ian Hunt
    (SNN) It was reported today that Fort McMurray residents are concerned about Prairie Chickens invading their city. According to eye witnesses, the Prairie Chickens are sitting on people's vehicles, and running up and down Fort McMurray's streets. A local biologist, Colander Sanders, stated that it was unusual for these birds to brashly sit on the top of people's cars and trucks. Local resident Theona Helms stated, “It really...

  • Politicians Causing Unemployment Among Comedians
    Photo: How Can an Honest Comedian Compete?

    By: Ian Hunt
    (SNN) - In the latest development arising from the outrageous actions of municipal, provincial and federal politicians, it appears that more and more standup comedians are not finding employment. Based on interviews with out-of-work standup comics, Tim Brown of Employment Insurance Canada has determined that the actions of politicians have caused a drop in demand for that vocation. Mr. Brown was told that comedy clubs do not want...

  • Mike Duffy and Rob Ford Found New Political Party
    Bozos of the World; UNITE!

    By: ian Hunt
    (SNN) - In a surprise move today, Mike Duffy and Rob Ford announced that they are forming a new political party to run federally. Mr. Duffy, the party's interim leader and spokesman, stated: “It is the intention of Mr. Ford and me to form a new party so that the true voice of Canadian politics can be heard. Our party is built on the twin pillars of accountability and fiscal restraint. It is unfortunate that the police and auditors...

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