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  • School Div to Build Special Wings To Host Every Possible Gender
    Photo: Can't be too careful nowadays

    By: Ian McKerracher
    (SNN) The School District of Pleasant Valley, Alberta recently announced that, for every school building under their purview, an entire wing will be dedicated to washrooms. While there will be the usual ones for people who self-identify as Male and Female, there will be others for males who identify as females, females who identify as male, people who are unsure of their gender that particular day, and several with an easily-changed door...

  • NASA Claims Life On Mars a 'Near Possible Certainty'
    Photo: Days of Future Past?

    By: Ian McKerracher
    (SNN) - Today at NASA headquarters, Washington DC, scientists were reporting that their mission to Mars was an overwhelming success in its search for evidence of extra-terrestrial life. A visibly shaken Dr. Ido Makupshtoff, spoke with deep wonder and emotion that they had found irrefutable evidence that finding life on Mars was a possibility. Dr. Makupshtoff, speaking from a podium in the rotunda outside the labs, which were receiving the...

  • Cetacious Flatulence Linked to Climate Change
    Photo: Thar She Blows!

    By: Ian McKerracher
    (SNN) - A new report in the field of Cetology has shaken up accepted global warming theory and turned the “caused by human endeavor” theory on its ear. The report may have even had the rare effect of changing the paradigms of world governments. Dr. Susan Bathyscape, a Cetologist from the University of California, has determined that much of the world’s greenhouse gases are not a result of human endeavor or the burning...

  • Muslim Cleric Shifts Female Attire Position
    Double Your Underwear, Doubles Your Modesty

    By Ian McKerracher
    (SNN) The Uber-Amir of Cairo, Algeria, Caliph Jim Jones Akbar (79), on a visit to his brother-in-law’s Caliphate outside of Damascus today, revealed the exciting new direction for Muslim women’s wear. “It will be much more fashionable and almost Western-looking. It will even be acceptable in Quebec, Canada!” he was quoted as saying amidst an unscheduled media availability. The impromptu press scrum started when Akbar...

  • Social Media and the Artist's Freedom of Expression
    Where sensitivities can juxtapose a high and holy calling

    By Ian McKerracher
    (SNN) - A few weeks ago a distant acquaintance of mine, (look at this...even I want to ensure some distance from this) posted a picture on Facebook that depicted a pencil drawing of a rape scene. Subsequently, he was censored by the social medium and the pic was taken down. I may be wrong, but I am assuming that the notice sent to him was in a private message as that would be the way I would do it. Nonetheless, the message was posted and...

  • Obedience Canada profiles Men
    Refusing to Obey Simple Directions Will Not Be Tolerated

    By Ian McKerracher
    (SNN) - In a step that was controversial in some social circles, an office of the Canadian government has laid down the law. Obedience Canada, a lesser known offshoot of CSIS has begun to crack down on men who refuse to follow instructions. While it is a well-known fact that the gender in question does not actually hear instructions being meted out, they will be held accountable to CSIS for any unperformed task given to them. “How...

  • U.S. and Russia Heading Toward World War Gay
    Putin Threatens ICBM's for LGBT's

    By Ian McKerracher
    (SNN) - There has been much chatter in the international circles as LGBT activists have mounted, not one another as is their wont, but protest against the Putin government. The group is opposed to having a made-in-Russia response to the very popular pro-homosexual lobby’s successful push for political clout. Sources in the Kremlin are saying that President Vlad (The Impaler) Putin is pondering his choices in the face of worldwide...

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