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  • Frito-Lay Chips Away Pot Stigma
    By: Joseph Davis
    (SNN) In 1970, the U.S. government classified marijuana as a scheduled I controlled substance, thereby making its manufacture, distribution, dispensation, or possession a federal crime.  However, in recent years almost half of the states instituted some form of medical marijuana sales.  Colorado further pushed the envelope and became the first state to legalize marijuana.  Other state legislatures heard their people’s...

  • White House Unveils New ISIS Crisis Media Campaign
    By: Joseph Davis
    (SNN) - In a move coinciding with a softer, more politically correct approach to dealing with Islamic extremists and the negativity they cast on the Muslim world, the White House announced a bold, new initiative regarding ongoing Middle Eastern violence, especially inside Syria and Iraq.  Following an eclectic White House dinner party, attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid, hip...

  • Homegrown Evidence Weighs Heavy For Brian Williams
    By: Joseph Davis
    ... Brian Williams, nor an NBC representative would retort on the situation, only saying that the Brian Williams’s investigation is pending a final outcome, and will remain internal for the foreseeable future. Purchase Joseph Davis' latest book  "Bernie Factor" for Kindle on Amazon Today! Follow him on Twitter. Image: "Caricature of Brian Williams"  Some Rights Reserved by DonkeyHotey flickr photostream, The Sage nor...

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