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  • Let them eat cake!
    By: William Munsey
    (SNN) - In a recent Twitter exchange, I was taken to task for criticizing the cost of accommodations for Premier Alison Redford’s Executive Assistant when he stays overnight in Edmonton. I tweeted, “She could have found decent accommodations for a cheaper rate than $200 per night for him to stay at the Hotel MacDonald.” Someone replied the issue is a “tempest in a teapot” and that in the scheme of things $200...

  • Target Acquired! F-Bombs Away
    READER CAUTION: language

    By William Munsey
    (SNN) - So, this is what its come to.  While hundreds of families around Alberta struggle to get their lives back together after the June flooding, the partisan feuding between our government and our official opposition takes centre stage.  If it didn't point to such a fundamental problem in our approach to government, it would almost be entertaining.  But it does... and so it isn't. The leader of our official opposition...

  • Alberta: Green-Washing or Enforcement . . . the Irony.
    By William Munsey
    (SNN) - In the larger view of a provincial budget, $30,000 isn't a lot of money. The Government of Alberta and the companies so heavily invested in the oil sands stand to lose a whole lot more than that if Keystone XL is not built.  So the government’s latest effort to ensure the building of that pipeline (in the form of a paid ad in the New York Times) isn't surprising. What is striking, however, is that one of the...

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