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What is "The Sage News Network?"

The Sage News Network (SNN), or "The Sage" is an online publisher with three separate publications, covering Entertainment News, contributor Opinions and humour through satire and parody. With its three-fold approach, The Sage publishes three separate periodicals, providing an online issue, and an ePub issue distributed through the Calibre eBook Library software application.

The three periodicals are:

The Sage Entertainment

Our Entertainment edition is complete with news from Hollywood to Bollywood. If it is news worthy then you will read it here on The Sage Entertainment. What you will not find here are 'tabloid' style stories. If you want fiction, then follow The Sage Satire, which provides full disclaimers.

The Sage Opinion

No news source is complete without venting. In the Sage Opinion, we express our thoughts on issues that broach Canadians and North Americans on a daily basis. Always balanced, The Sage Opinion has contributors with a complete range of political and philosophical bents. Here you can write in and express yourself and agree or disagree with The Sage. Your opinion on any issue is always welcome and valued.

The Sage Satire

The Sage Satire satirizes political affairs, ranging from domestic, provincial, national to the international. We parody current political events and the public figures behind them. We poke fun at the political scene and at the same time raise awareness of the social, pop and world events. No article read in The Sage Satire should be misunderstood as truthful. No reference to any individual, organization, or political body seeks to inflict malice or harm. All characters written in any article of The Sage Satire are fictional, except when referring to a public figure.

Disclaimer: The Sage, its publisher, editors and/or contributors are not affiliated with any political party or political organization unless it is disclosed on the footer of an article. It is not The Sage's intention to promote or defame any political person, party or organization or individual.

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