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An Open Letter to Liberal Senator Bernie Sanders

(SNN) I am sick and tired of hysterics like Bernie Sanders taking the beliefs of those fortunate enough to be part of the one percent richest in America and distorting them to fit his own, twisted philosophy.

Take recent comments where Sanders, without provocation, denigrated the lifestyle of retired CEOs currently forced to survive on an average $88,576 per month retirement. Apparently, the sight of the well-heeled enjoying themselves at a Business Roundtable gathering brought on his ire.

Sanders obviously has no real knowledge or empathy for the men forced to maintain a wealthy lifestyle after their income is slashed from the hundreds of millions they earned as an active CEO to what they must now scrape by on.

The cost of servants, Bentley and Bugatti upkeep, lawn and garden care, etc., do not automatically go away just because the user’s income all but disappears.  Sanders whines about Social Security pensioners, yet fails to appreciate the plight of wealthy person’s servants who must be fired for a sumptuous lifestyle to continue.

Yet Sanders criticizes the very rich for proposing cuts in Social Security and Medicare to help fund the distraught newly retired elite. What does he want them to do, close down a wing of the mansion, forgo a trip to Gstaad, sell off half the stable of polo ponies? I could go on, but I think you are beginning to get a clearer picture of what the small-minded Senator wants.

Another point. By cutting Social Security and Medicare and thus reducing taxes on the extremely wealthy, the latter would then be able to retain one or two servants otherwise earmarked for dismissal and early retirement.

But what most upsets me about Sanders remarks is they fail to show an appreciation for our nation’s most precious resource—our young people. The youth of today need the encouragement that the continued happiness of the very wealthy provides. The extremely wealthy must remain above the fray of mere survival. How else do our upcoming great leaders become motivated to put family and society’s needs aside long enough to work hard for their own personal wealth?

If Sanders wants to discourage enterprise and dismiss the aspirations of America’s young people, perhaps he should give it a little more thought.

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