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If Life Were Like Improv

(SNN) What if Shakespeare had said instead, “All the world’s an improv stage”?

At a spiritual fair a woman is giving out ‘FREE HUGS’. A man comes up with a woman who could be his girlfriend, sister or friend – and each one receives and returns a hug. A little later the man is back. He’s alone and standing a short distance away. She notices him watching her and feels he is not a creep.

“I’m not leaving until I get laid,” he says.

Many women would probably respond as she did: “Well, then you’re going to be standing there a very long time.” A different type of person might say something much worse and with venom.

Now imagine this self-proclaimed spiritual guru is actually an improv actor, and so is the man in need of getting laid. How might the scene play out if all the world was an improv stage?

The sketch begins with a single prop – a “FREE HUGS” sign – given to the female actor with no further direction. To set the scene, she sweeps imaginary long hair behind her shoulder, while swaying side to side in a kind of spiritual dance. “Here I am, Lahilahi, Princess of the Sea, giving out free hugs to all because I am so full of Light and Love.”

The man comes up and gets his free hug. He then walks to stage left and conspiratorially says to the audience, “She’s telling people how full of love she is. Maybe I should try for more?” The man is grinning wickedly, and the audience cheers him on.

Returning to the woman, the man announces theatrically, “I’m not leaving until I get laid!”

The spiritual guru is shocked. “Don’t be ridiculous!” she tells him. “Come back tonight after it gets dark.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Image from David Robert Bilwas flickr photostream.  Some Rights Reserved. Original photo can be found here.

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