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Current Satire Politics Stories

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  • The Profit Motive and the Media

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  • Sith Face Discrimination in Ukraine

  • Another Snippet from Fox News

  • Another Snippet from Fox News - Is Politics Making the Country Dumber?

  • Republicans Blast Democrats for Wanting to Give Ex-Felons the Right to Vote

  • Open Letter to Al Franken

  • "Mitt" Documentary Reveals Romney's Inner Robot

  • Mike Duffy and Rob Ford Found New Political Party

  • Politicians Causing Unemployment Among Comedians

  • Media Outlets Sick of Rob Ford: Decide to Focus on Something Else

  • Michele Bachmann: "Doctor Who is Real."

  • Harper Set to Change How Public Servants Say Hello

  • Top 10 Benefits of the US Government Shutdown

  • Republicans Were Right: Obamacare Unleashes Armageddon

  • U.S. and Russia Heading Toward World War Gay

  • Prime Minister Lauded by Fashion Critics for his Hip Style

  • Halifax Mayor Booted Out of Office "Cause He's a Good Guy"

  • Ontario Premier Improving Balance Through Cyber Feng Shui

  • Bachmann Gets 'Stamp of Approval' from Klobuchar and Franken

  • Homeless Shelter Reaches Out to Mike Duffy

  • Federal Government Launches Taxpayer Loyalty Program

  • The sodden politics of the BC Liberals

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