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First Look: Extreme Sock Folding Premieres on TLC

(SNN) - Building on the success of original reality TV series Extreme Couponing and Craft Wars, TLC announced that it is launching its newest reality show, Extreme Sock Folding, tonight at 8 pm. The much-buzzed-about series, which promises a solid mix of action and drama, follows real-life contestants as they compete to find and pair up socks washed in the laundry.

The show’s first contestant is Regina-based laundry expert, Bob Wrinkle, who has brought sock folding to a whole new level. "I love matching and folding my socks. They get placed one on top of the other with the toes facing to the left, folded in half with fold facing me and placed in stacks of four or five", says Bob. "I totally flip out when people frack with my sock drawer." 

Tonight's first episode follows Bob and his wife as they start a new load of laundry and try to sort through a gaggle of mismatched socks from the dryer. Unfortunately, with clothes static and knotted pantyhose getting in the way, as well as his extremely bored cat, Mittens, the challenge is almost insurmountable. Can they complete the task before the washing machine completes the second load?

Make sure you tune in to Extreme Sock Folding airing every Sunday at 8/7c on TLC. 

Photo by: Suzanne Luca, All Rights Reserved

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