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Ontario Premier Improving Balance Through Cyber Feng Shui

(SNN) - Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is using the ancient art of cyber feng shui to revitalize government records and bring more balance and happiness to the provincial government.

Derived from the traditional Chinese art of feng shui, cyber shui is a technique that uses the laws of reformat, delete and trash to improve the government's qi and protect it from public scrutiny.

"There are many stress factors that can affect our energy flow which in turn can affect our health, relationships and prosperity," said Wynne. "With good cyber shui, we can revitalize our computer space and balance the energies of government offices to assure work and good fortune for people working there."

Early last week, government employees were seen pushing carts filled with computer towers out of Queen's Park and other ministry buildings and throwing them into dump trucks, presumed to be heading to landfills around Oakville and Mississauga. It was also reported that Wynne had started placing statues of three-legged toads chewing on a coin on the desk of each of her cabinet ministers and their chiefs of staff. The money frog, as it is known, is a mythological creature that is said to attract wealth and abundance.

"I'm deeply concerned about the premier's apparent lack of transparency and accountability over the purchase of those frogs," says Ontario’s information and privacy commissioner, Ann Cavoukian. "She'd better have kept the emails and receipts."  

Photo by: Paul Schreiber flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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