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U.S. and Russia Heading Toward World War Gay

Putin Threatens ICBM's for LGBT's

(SNN) - There has been much chatter in the international circles as LGBT activists have mounted, not one another as is their wont, but protest against the Putin government. The group is opposed to having a made-in-Russia response to the very popular pro-homosexual lobby’s successful push for political clout.

Sources in the Kremlin are saying that President Vlad (The Impaler) Putin is pondering his choices in the face of worldwide condemnation. A highly placed source, who only wished to be known as “Boris”, advised The Sage that Putin’s first response “consisted of counting the nuclear weapons under his command that still worked and were not sold to, or stolen by, unknown forces on the fringe boarders of his country”. 

The informant could not be reached for more information as he was later found at the bottom of the Volga River with his feet in a concrete block, nine bullet holes in his body and his arms removed. Police have ruled the incident an accident.

In the U.S, President Barack Obama is also contemplating his response. It is generally agreed in the media that he is a great supporter of “them Americans” who are homosexually active. He points out, unlike the hetero population of the country, “when gays get jiggy with it and engage in promiscuous, unprotected insane monkey sex, at least there is no danger of adding to the welfare rolls of the nation”. The question remains whether President Obama is prepared to support the LGBT lobby to the extent of employing the use of military force to cause, either a change in Putin’s position, or a change of government in support of someone more LGBT friendly.

As the major powers joust, It remains to be seen if the LGBT protests will continue in full force or will subside like the “Occupying “ protests of a year ago, which are still under investigation as officials in many countries struggle to figure out just what the hell that was all about anyway.

Photo by: Peter Gray  flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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