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Twitter Success in 10 Easy Tweets

140 Characters and None On Display

(SNN) - Top Ten Rules for the Twitterpated

  1. First rule of Twitter: don’t tweet about Twitter.
  2. Twitter, schmitter! My German grandfather barely spoke 140 characters in his entire life.
  3. Twitter tip: If you run out of stuff to tweet,  the works of Shakespeare are public domain.
  4. Vwls r mstly unncssry whn twtg stpd insgnfcnt sht tht rlly dsn’t mttr
  5. Twitter tip: shorten all urls so nobody has a freaking clue what they’re clicking on
  6. RT = re-tweet. #FF = follow Friday. D#ASS = dumb ass
  7. Sometimes it’s fun to invent #longobnoxioushastags just see if they go viral
  8. Don’t fight with Twitter pigs unless there’s a real possibility of Twitter bacon
  9. A picture’s worth 1000 words. That’s about 7 tweets
  10. Enjoy Twitter while it lasts. After the IPO, we’ll be charged by the character.

Photo by: Rosaura Ochoa Images flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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