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Unexpected Discovery at Welsh Hospital

Photo: Doctors work to free assistant from patient

(SNN) - Herbert Pugh of Mid Glamorgan, Wales was recovering in the hospital today after being rushed to his local Accident and Emergency unit suffering from chest pains. Mr Pugh had undergone successful heart surgery in early October, but doctors investigating this latest admission were shocked when they discovered a distressed Filipino nurse behind his rib cage.

It is now apparent that the 26 year old theatre assistant, who had been part of the team during Mr Pugh's original operation, had been bending over the patient, when she fell, unseen, into his open chest cavity. Knocked unconscious and unable to call for help, the nurse was then trapped inside as Mr Pugh was stitched up. 

Dr Graham Colostomie, spokesman for the health authority, confirmed an incident had taken place but reported that both Mr Pugh and the nurse were responding well after the extraction. He admitted it was a regrettable fact of hospital life that objects were sometimes left inside patients after surgery, the most common items being needles, scissors, and small domestic appliances. Dr Colostomie explained that these foreign bodies were often allowed to remain within the patient without any adverse effect. However, he acknowledged that it could sometimes lead to inconvenience when walking through an airport metal detector or if someone wanted to use the microwave.

In the case of Mr Pugh, Dr Colostomie said that he would be kept under close observation for the next 24 hours as doctors were still concerned about a tapping noise in his chest. 

Meanwhile, the consultant who oversaw Mr Pugh's most recent procedure has been reported missing by his family after he failed to return home. Security cameras inside the hospital suggest he did not leave the operating theatre, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

Photo by: Army Medicine flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed


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