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NSA Accused of Spying on Itself

(SNN) - President Barack Obama is facing another perfect storm, this time in his own country, after it was revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on itself since 2005.

According to top secret documents posted on WikiLeaks earlier this week, the NSA has allegedly been tapping the home and cell phones of its own Director, General Keith B. Alexander, for over eight years. Reports show that details of the director's phone conversations, SMS messages, Facebook posts and tweets were directly reported to the White House in Washington in hopes of uncovering intelligence that could help Obama figure out what the hell the NSA was doing.

"I am of course disappointed that an intelligence service, which co-operates closely with other agencies and countries in the fight against terror, thinks they have the right to monitor themselves," fumed General Alexander. "That is something I cannot accept."

WikiLeaks chief, Julian Assange, disagrees.

"Let's be honest, everyone's suspicious," said Assange in a radio interview, while texting a message to German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. "Just because he's the director doesn't mean he isn't capable of sabotaging us. Wait, is anyone recording this?"

Turns out the NSA director isn't the first or only American to be bugged. Information leaked from the NSA database shows that every living being in the world has been monitored by the agency at some point, including Assange, his dog and the 370,000 babies born yesterday.

The Obama administration's response to the outrage has been that the U.S. is gathering foreign intelligence of the type to confuse everyone so that no one knows who their allies are anymore. 

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