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12 Shocking Things to Watch For When Seeing 'Gravity' Again

Because You Will.

(SNN) - Oh yeah, you’ll see Gravity again. Either at theaters soon or on DVD when it scores its huge handful of Academy Award nominations. I just saw it for the second time and was surprised at all the things I missed. Some good, some bad, some downright shocking—a word I use lightly because everyone else does, too.

I re-saw Gravity on the big screen in 3-D. I loved the movie the first time around, but the great visuals and feverish pace caused me to miss hidden gems, technical errors and shocking stuff.  

Gravity--On Further Review

  1. While waiting for the film to start, if you look through the opposite end of your 3-D glasses you can peer into the soul of the person seated in front of you.
  2. At approximately 35 minutes and 10 seconds into the movie, when the astronauts pass over Toronto, watch the far right side of the screen about a third up, and you can spot Toronto Mayor Rob Ford standing in an a field of freshly powdered snow. On the next pass, Ford is still there, however, all the white powder has disappeared.
  3. Just because you know the plot, don’t re-visit the concession stand mid-flick and ask for another squirt of  “that amazingly lifelike semi-edible yellow coloring # 5 butter-style, popcorn-flavored paint thinner.” It just makes your remaining popcorn soggy.
  4. Blink and you’ll miss something shocking. You missed it? Next time don’t blink.
  5. If you attend a matinee, Clooney’s understudy, Tom Arnold, sometimes plays the role of Max. He’s good, but he keeps calling his fellow astronauts “Roseanne.”
  6. If you listen carefully during the space capsule pre-ignition sequence, you may hear a muffled shout of “Hey fat-ass, you’ll never make the pros blocking like that.” It’s a leftover track from “The Blind Side.” Ignore it.
  7. Too much product plugging? I’m not 100% sure, but I believe NASA never allowed space shuttles to tow commercial banners like the one reading, “Lady GaGa Rules!”
  8. Instead of seeing the movie again, you may wish to check out the Blu-Ray version instead. It will contain many extras and deleted scenes, including the space station’s fiery collision with a horse-drawn Beer truck. This blatant and shocking product plug was removed from the theatrical version after a stunt Clydesdale injured during the gag sued the studio and switched from Bud to Miller Lite.
  9. Readers are invited to insert their own “Looks and tastes about the same going in and coming out” American beer joke here.
  10. The role credited to Sandra Bullock is actually played by veteran shape-shifting extraterrestrial and talented character actor J.K. Simmons.
  11. After an early showing, producers received an email stating, “You deserve an Oscar®,” and signed “Phillips.” It wasn’t from primary awards competitor “Captain Phillips,” but Michelle Phillips. She mistook the International Space Station for an old tutu accidently orbited by Mama Cass during a “Swan Lake” Glissade gone terribly wrong.
  12. Originally the title of Gravity was supposed to be: “When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big-a Pizza Pie, That’s Amore,” but producers couldn’t obtain the rights.

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