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3-D Chocolate Printer Becomes New Craze

(SNN) - “Statues of Lady Gaga are really hot right now,” says an article in Wired.

You’ll Never Guess What the Hottest Smartphone App Is? 

(SNN) - The App that allows users to have bogus conversations with wife and/or little kids, so they can  avoid the guilt of leaving panhandlers empty handed.

Cat Video Awards Night Draws More Viewers Than Oscars 

(SNN) - No surprise there. 

Congressional Study shows bad behavior among teens not linked to video games, but behavior of Politicians

(SNN) - Again, no surprise there.

Out-Dated Spellchecker Causes 3rd thru 5th Graders to Get Lower Tests Scores

(SNN) - “The real reason we’re number twenty-eight behind other countries is because parents give their out-of-date computer to their kids,” a report says. 

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