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Woman Gets Hair Transplant For Her Legs

Photo: Successful Procedure's 'After' Pic

(SNN) Glenda Tarantuala always wanted to shave her legs like other women.  She never got the chance until recently. Glenda says her legs only sprouted a hair here and there which made her feel naked and embarrassed.  She avoided slumber parties and refused to pledge at a sorority.   

“I missed out on so much fun growing up”, she remarked. 

Thanks to Dr. Harry Harness, a well respected plastic surgeon; there is no need for Glenda or any other woman to suffer any more embarrassment.  Dr. Harness adapted a technique to give men fuller beards which provides women with hairier legs.  Dr. Harness explained the process. 

“I just take some hair plugs from the armpit and plug them into the lower leg. The process only takes about one hour and the patient goes home that day.  There is some redness and swelling in both areas but that subsides in a week. Legs and armpits are ready for shaving in about a month.” 

Glenda says she is thrilled with the results and shaves her legs once a month now. She plans to start a foundation to help other women like her.  She’s in talks with a well known corporation that sells shaving gear to fund her foundation. Although Glenda cannot reveal the name of the corporation, she says they’re excited to help other women with this affliction. 

“It’s a win - win situation,” she remarked.  

Unaltered Photo: Some Right Reserved by Steveo631 flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here.

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