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Hillary Issues 420 Pot Concerns

Photo: Clinton defends her favorite house plant (right)

(SNN) - In a recent media event following a 'trip' on a Colorado “Pot Tour” bus, Hillary Clinton expounded on 420 ways to deal with the marijuana issue.

“We need to be clear on pot use,” stated the former first lady and maybe perhaps, but not sure yet, candidate for president.

Asked to further explain her statement, Mrs. Clinton slowly elaborated amid much giggling.

“Washington State prefers Americano, which is not a surprise,” she explained authoritatively between guffaws. “Colorado, on the other hand, favors 8 Miles High, which sort of fits, too. Given the wide range of pot flavors available, I believe it’s wise to let each state choose a certain amount of flavors to offer. Let’s keep the number reasonable, say maybe 20 to 30 per state. Each state is free to regulate which flavors to provide according to its citizen’s tastes. The federal government certainly doesn’t need to be involved in flavor choice. That would just be ridonkulous… er…  I mean… silly.”

Mrs. Clinton also stated her concerns about good health and pot smoking.

“I don’t believe Diesel Ryder, Double Diesel Ryder, or Blue Moonshine X Diesel are healthy choices,” she stated firmly. “Those flavors may need regulation, being able to blow the top of your head off. Personally, I would never allow anyone to smoke Power Skunk in my house. You’d never get rid of that smell.“

Unaltered Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Bureau of LLP flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here.

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