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What Amusement Parks Would You Like to Visit?

(SNN) - Inspired by computer games, a new kind of amusement park, where visitors get to play the games in real life situations, is springing up all over North America. And here are just a few examples:

  • Surviving Without Phone and Laptop Boot Camp - a favorite with parents with teenagers who only respond to texts, even when they are sitting across the dinner table.
  • Climate Extremes Training Camp - learn how to adapt in drought conditions, floods, tornados, record heat and forest fires.
  • Can You Survive a Week in Violence-Torn Honduras? - It’s the murder capital of the world, where 1 in 15 get killed. As an added incentive, there’s a $100 K prize if you can survive
  • Car Chase School - you learn how to drive like they drive in the movies - and then you get to test your skills in a real-life situation, with a back seat full of people who just robbed a bank.
  • Guns Everywhere Camp - you and your family have to deal with harassment in a bar, deal with road rage, and fend off half a stadium of sore losers at a soccer game, just to name a few of the challenges.
  • Surviving Tea Party Neighbors
  • Surviving on Minimum Wage - not recommended for families with more than one child.
  • Living in Rush Limbaugh’s America - a town is created with all the features that he thinks would be utopian.
  • Surviving the World of Temptation - For conservatives. Can you survive a god-less, liberal world where everyone around you is a Kardashian?
  • Running an Abortion Clinic in Mississippi

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