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"Of Course, Torture Gets Results" Cheney Tells Fox News

(SNN) - “And if you can just get me a week with the people who are responsible for that Congressional report, who said the contrary,” he growled out of the side of his mouth, “I’ll prove it to you.” Then he added, “I’ll even throw in getting the same results from the third Republican committee, who investigated Benghazi, and said Hillary wasn’t responsible for the deaths of our people.”

How to Find Evidence of Extraterrestrials?

(SNN) - “We’d do what they’d do, of course,” said the lead scientist in a TED Talk. “First, we’d look for oxygen and water, and once we found that, we’d then look for the chemical signature of intelligent life. Namely, air pollution, chemicals that couldn’t occur naturally.” Then she added, “But since it takes such a long time for light to reach us, we have no choice but to assume that they choked themselves on that pollution millions of years ago.”

HS Students Do Terribly on Constitution Test

(SNN) - But analytics of what right-wing politicians say in speeches and on Fox News show that they score much lower.

Mitch McConnell Stunned that Obama Got China to Fall for So-Called Science of Climate Change

(SNN) - “And here I thought Asians were supposed to be smart,” said the Senator from the coal-producing state of Kentucky.

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