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Chrysler Introduces Self-Texting Car

Futuristic Design With Push Button Transmission

(SNN) - Fiat high tech augments American automotive brawn as Chrysler introduces “CarNet,” the next step in web integration for drivers.

“Sure, texting while you drive is stupid,” said Fiat spokesman Mario Bricolini, “but good luck fighting stupidity." We would rather give people what they want in a mostly safe package.”

If what people want is full social media integration while driving, then CarNet will keep them connected and up-to-date. Promising seamless integration with Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Yelp, Car Net will allow drivers to post updates, tweets, and reviews on the go.

By integrating social media apps with the car’s GPS and other sensors, CarNet can detect a large number of typical conditions and automatically release status updates such as “Ugh! Stuck in traffic” or “Just forced my ex into a ditch” to the driver’s friends and followers.

Bricolini revealed that CarNet has adaptive technology to augment a driver’s previously dull updates.  “Imagine the responses you'll get when you post something like “Just got rear-ended. #notmyfault!" or "LOL! How did I end up in Saskatoon?"”

Chrysler claims CarNet will rely on a hands free, voice activated solution the company claims will be easy as using a programmable radio.

With adaptive social media from Italy--arguably the world's most social nation, the possibilities are vast. Coffee drinkers can post instant reviews of roadside espresso stands. Concerned mothers can send “doing homework?” texts to children that increase in severity as mom’s car approaches home. Dashboard Skype integration offers the ability to carry on multiple conversations at once and photo blog updates will be simple.

“No more texting while driving accidents,” insisted Bricolini. “New accidents, maybe, but that’s the price of progress.”

Photo by: Vaness flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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