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Eureka Technology Fair - Making the Possible Possible

Photo: Microsoft Booth Rep Thrilled With Turnout

(SNN) - Technology fans from across the world will be descending on Eureka, California this week as the city prepares to stage its annual innovation fair. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the event has mushroomed like a giant snowball to become the biggest kind of its type.

This year's festival is organized again by George T Hudson, the eccentric billionaire, who is as well known for his philanthropy as he is for his penchant for bread-themed fancy dress. In an exclusive interview, Mr Hudson, who appeared to be wearing a bun costume studded with black accessories, said that the list of confirmed exhibitors was the best yet.

Top of the bill is senator-turned-scientist Eugene Solomon, who has developed a unit to control nuclear reactions with so-called political energy. The device contains an upper chamber and a lower chamber, which are both filled with hot air. When the two are mixed, a complete shutdown can be achieved for at least two weeks.

Quarryco's Earth Hammer is another hotly anticipated piece of machinery and almost certainly contains some ground-breaking technology. Readers may remember their previous product, the RGS or Rural Gate Smasher, which is reported to have opened up a whole new field.

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Hoofer, will be hoping to emulate some of Quarryco's success after last year's embarrassing prototype was described as having sucked in more ways than one. At the time, Hoofer reps had heated arguments over the gadget's poor performance, causing journalists to dub the occasion, "Profanity Fair".

Other inventors attending the one-tenth centenary will include Erik Fulstrøm, whose company builds affordable housing from writers' blocks, Stephen Connelly, who can thicken sauces by using the power of concentration, and Millicent Walsh, who can render any book transparent just by looking through it.

Even the Bank of Newfoundland is keen to get in on the action with a revolutionary type of savings account, which is expected to generate a lot of interest. Mr. Hudson declared he was immensely proud of the line-up but confirmed he would not be dressing up in a bread costume again so that this year's event would be the last in his currant roll. 

Photo by: Glen Edelson flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed

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