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Worst Shows of the New TV Season

(SNN) - Another TV season is upon us and programmers have dug deep to recycle, reuse, and reduce our entertainment options to a brain-numbing minimum. Here are the Top 10 best new viewing opportunities for self-hating viewers with absolutely nothing better to do:

Downton Sherlock: The BBC hires an edgy detective to find evidence of plot and compelling characters in a house full of aristocratic morons and their scheming servants.

Crack is the new Black: Albuquerque, NM struggles with withdrawal in the aftermath of "Breaking Bad."

America’s Got Bullets: The sequel to “Guess Who’s Carrying a Concealed Weapon” in which liberal Democrats invoke “stand your ground” laws to avoid conviction after murdering old ladies they find annoying.

Bread Rising:  Vegan zombies terrorize San Francisco in search of ancient sourdough yeast.

Booger Town: Sexy old ladies seduce and cure liberal Democrats with runny noses.

Mortlandia: Sketch comedy about hipster vampires who run a deadly B&B in Portland, Oregon.

Loud Mary: Garage bands compete for top billing on the Myspace home page.

Cluster Duck Dynasty: Howard, Donald, and Darkwing Duck join forces to find camouflaged hunters and shoot them. 

Fad Men: Well-dressed men with no redeeming qualities behave badly and learn nothing.

Lost Girls: Lena Dunham and her girlfriends get stranded on a mysterious island and still can’t find a story.

Photo: "RCA black/white Indian Head test card, motif of the 2F21 monoscope tube, used from 1940 until the advent of color television." PD-US-NO NOTICE.

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