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New Marijuana Apps Make Way for MaryJane

Photo: Who You Gonna Call?

(SNN) - Legalized pot in Colorado and Washington has triggered a dime bag of smart phone apps to help citizens of these progressive states enjoy reefer gladness to the fullest. Download these apps before you get stoned and make a hash of things. 

SuperBud: from Cheech and Chong to Seth Rogan, the best scenes from the best stoner movies on endless repeat.

Potify: Grateful Dead, Phish, Bob Marley, and other stoner favorites streaming 24/7.

Crunchy Munchie 4:20 – Navigate to the nearest 7/11 with the freshest Pringles!

Cannibistro: Beyond brownies. Gourmet stoners rate the best edibles for both taste and effect, but mainly effect.

Fill-a-Bong: immediate glassware replacement for your klutzy roommate’s unfortunate accidents.

THC-Monster: from airtight bags to rolling papers, twice the paraphernalia at half the price. Delivered to your doorstep in discreet hemp-based, fully edible packaging.

Rocky Mountain High:  deals and special offers from Colorado’s finest dispensaries.

Space Noodle:. Like Rocky Mountain High, just further west. Seattle’s finest just got, uh, sorry, what were we talking about?

Tokemon: Downloadable Siri-like virtual personalities that laugh uncontrollably at everything you say.

Joint Venture: thinking of opening a dispensary? This app checks for legality and other pesky details in case you’re too high to do so.

Buzz Fill: The latest pictures of Miley Cyrus and other celebrities and politicians getting loaded.

Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Jamal Fanaian  flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. Original picture here.

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