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Obama Proposes Bill that Has Everything the Republicans Could Ever Want

(SNN) - But not a single Republican voted for it. “The real issue is why can’t the President get a single vote for his legislation from his own party,” Congressman Boehner said in their defense.

Lance Armstrong Failed Blood Test Goes for $1.2 Mil at Sotheby's

(SNN) - “Forget fine art and stocks,” a financial reporter told SNN, “the real money is in tabloid memorabilia of celebs.” Arizona Becomes the Fox News of States (SNN) “All publicity is good publicity,” Governor Jan Brewer stated at a press conference. ”How else are our candidates for president going to have a fighting chance, if we don’t compete with the candidates from Texas, Tennessee, New Jersey . . . ?“

Republicans Lose Millions in Bets with Dems on Obamacare

(SNN) - “I just don’t get it,” Congressman Steven King said. “It was a sure thing, to begin with, but we still did everything humanly possible to get it to fail. But instead of it bringing down the whole Democratic Party, I ended up losing ten grand to Joe Biden.”

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