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SWAT Team Gives Mother with Baby in the Back Traffic Ticket

(SNN) - “With everybody and their brothers having guns,” said the lead officer, heading back to his Iraq War-surplus armored vehicle, “we can’t be too careful.”

50,000 Central American Children Cross Border to Avoid Violence in Home Countries

(SNN) - 50,000 US college kids cross Mexican border to get drunk and pass out.

Desperate Business Tries a Hobby Lobby

(SNN) - Struggling to stay open, the neighborhood's last Video Rental store tries to get tons of free publicity by turning political. “We tried turning born-again Christian and turning anti-abortion, “ the owner said, “but we didn’t get a single protester, let alone anti-abortion supporters, flocking to our store, in our defense. Being for products made in sweatshops, lowering the minimum wage and privatizing Social Security didn’t do a damn bit of good either.”

House Bans Revision to Wikipedia Entry

(SNN) - When historians were harsh on the Tea Party and Republicans, in an entry on the Obama years, a House Subcommittee rewrote history. And anyone who changes it will get life in prison.

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