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Marijuana, Romney, and Naked Selfies... oh my!

Legislatures Inundated by Millions of Demonstrators Demanding Liberalization of Marijuana Laws

(SNN) - When a study on domestic violence, published by the University of Buffalo, just so happened to mention that when married couples smoked pot, they experience less domestic violence, the response was huge. Millions of couples demanded “prescriptions” so they could discuss money without screaming, yelling, and throwing things at each other. And within days, a couple million average ordinary people started conducting their own research online and soon discovered that sibling rivalries, spats between neighbors, arguments with in-laws, and so on, would also benefit from marijuana use.

Romney Begins “I’m Not Running in 2016” Campaign

(SNN) - After a year and $20 million spent on experts working to remake his image, Romney begins a seventeen-city, carefully-orchestrated media blitz with restrictions on the questions that can be asked, to set the record straight.

New App for Celebs Doing Naked Selfies

(SNN) - “Pics taken with the new app, called Smudge, uses a naughty-bit recognition algorithm to automatically pixelate all X-rated body parts,” says the announcement on TechCrunch. “But if the celeb is out of town on a movie set or whatever, her spouse or secret lover can easily see what they’re missing, using a sentence-long password.”

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