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Gap between Rich and Middle Class Keeps Getting Worse on Airplanes

(SNN) - “The dramatic increase in legroom, availability of food and beverages and amount of attention given to first class passengers parallels this country’s alarming trend in income inequality,” the report stated. “And one has to wonder, just how much will the cramped, starved and ignored, in the back of the plane, put up with before they revolt, by the millions, and take matters into their own hands.”

AIG Sues Government for Extortion

(SNN) - “Like the Mob, they just waltzed into the company one day and threatened to dismantle the company if we didn’t take hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for stock,” said the outraged lawyer for the company, on the courthouse steps. “This is America. We don’t have to put up with that kind of behavior and we’re seeking $1.2 billion in damages.”

Link Between Antibiotics & Obesity Drives Doctors Nuts

(SNN) - “When the word of the study got out,” an AMA spokesperson said at a press conference, “that antibiotics not only kills off bacteria that’s potentially fatal, but also kills off bacteria that keeps weight in check, millions rushed to their doctors, demanding antibiotics that would kill off the real threat to mankind.; the ones that cause the body to absorb fats and sugars.”

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