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Indiana Senior Citizens Euchre Games Busted

(SNN) Apparently, Indiana couldn't make any money from the game's entrance fees, so a miffed agency Director decided to nix the entertainment at all Indiana senior centers. The Director is quoted as saying, "We're going after Bingo games next. Senior citizens winning extravagant gifts like toilet paper is just too much, even in a good growth economy such as ours."

Senior citizens taken to jail overnight finally began making bail this morning as hundreds of angry elders were bussed in from surrounding states, bringing their social security checks with them. Various tent cities are in the making as seniors from around the country dig in for what is expected to be a prolonged civil rights battle.

Some seniors, reputed to be long-standing gun rights advocates, are causing concern amongst local law enforcement officials who vow to use SWAT teams and the National Guard to keep the peace. 

Check back for updates in this latest national crisis.

Photo credit: Some Rights Reserved by Mr. Wonderful Flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can also be found here.

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